Available capacity for corona testing of private, RT-PCR COVID-19 test

We at NordicDx have good capacity for PCR testing, and those who need RT-PCR tests in Rogaland can have this done with us. NordicDx is a private company that offers fast and secure RT-PCR testing for those who may need it outside the public system.

NordicDx has a large test capacity at our laboratory at Ullandhaug in Stavanger. Our Bio Rad RT-PCR machines can analyze up to 200 tests per hour.

We have delivered 40,000 SAVD RT-PCR tests, mainly to major industrial players in Norway.

NordicDx has installed a pipetting robot that further increases our capacity. In addition, the risk of contamination or other errors in preparation for analysis runs is reduced.

These days, NordicDx 2 is launching new multigen RT-PCR tests; SAVD + and ICED.

The SAVD + test is a further development of SAVD. While SAVD only detects the presence of a virus gene, SAVD + detects two genes. This test also uses a human gene to ensure the quality of the test. Some states in the Middle East require 2 gene testing, which is also recommended by the WHO.

The other new test, ICED, is also a "multigen" RT-PCR test. ICED detects both Covid-19 and influenza A or B. This test also has the same type of «internal control» as SAVD +.

Both the SAVD + and ICED tests have an "automatic" self-check that verifies that sufficient material has been taken in the sample. This is an additional hedge to reduce the possibility of "false negative" results. The test reveals whether the sampling has been done well enough. If there is not enough material in the sample for verification, you will receive an "unapproved" answer to the sample, and you must take a new sample. It is known that the amount of virus varies during the course of the disease, and the chance of losing a positive sample or getting a false negative is greatly reduced by using these tests.

NordicDx recently conducted an experiment with SAVD + at Viking football club in connection with a trip abroad. We had a quick training before the team performed self-sampling. We analyzed the 33 samples at our laboratory at Ullandhaug about 1 hour after the sampling took place, and the result was then registered in the Helsenorge system. All samples had sufficient sample material.

The properties of both SAVD + and ICED enable "self-testing" at a company, sports team or institution, which can quickly contribute to gaining control and a good overview of the infection situation.

Since SAVD + and ICED have this built-in self-control, NordicDx can offer companies, sports teams and institutions free deployment of sampling kits. In the event of an outbreak of infection, "self-swabbing" is performed locally, and the samples are sent to us. The samples are analyzed at our laboratory, and the result will be available a little over an hour after we have received them. NordicDx will provide the necessary training in advance.

All our tests are CE-IVD approved, and NordicDx is approved for testing and reporting in the Helsenorge system (MSIS). We also issue English fit-to-fly travel certificates for those who may wish to do so.

NordicDx delivers quality tests, has large capacity and competitive prices.

If this is of interest, please contact us for further information and an appointment.