NordicDx AS launches sales of home tests via new web-shop

Now you can easily order our scientifically based home tests straight to your mailbox! We offer high-quality tests that can easily be ordered in our new online store. In connection with this campaign, we are offering special offers on Helagen home tests. Helagen's tests are known for their good quality and are tests that have been approved and recommended by Noklus. The tests are of course CE-IVD approved and are offered while stocks last.

Performing a home test most of us gained experience with during the corona pandemic. Our vision is that customer participation, which involves collecting the sample material themselves, can increase test capacity, not only for corona testing, but also a number of other tests.

Among other things, we offer science-based genetic tests for food intolerance and vitamin metabolism, as well as antigen tests for a number of pathogens and antibody tests that can detect immune substances produced by the body after a natural viral infection or after a vaccine. Such tests can help prevent further spread of the disease and also say something about the body's immune response to the virus.

Food intolerance and vitamin deficiency are a growing problem in Norway due to our lifestyle and diet. This is something you can help influence with lifestyle changes if you are aware of the problem. The aim of this online store is to make it easier for our customers to take our tests without having to show up at our premises. We have a strong focus on user-friendliness and customer service. Antigen and antibody tests are home tests where you collect the sample yourself and easily analyze your results. For genetic testing, the sample is only collected at home, the sample is sent back to us for analysis at our laboratory in Stavanger. After the genetic test has been analysed, you will receive a report with detailed information about what your test result means, explained in a simple way, and with further recommendations for prevention and treatment. We focus on "One Health", which means that we want to solve health-related challenges in society. Our customers will not only receive a positive or negative answer to the test, but also recommendations for further follow-up. NordicDx will continuously roll out new products in our online store, which you can find at our new online store