Corona testing before Christmas dinner

The most effective and safe test method for detecting COVID-19 is undoubtedly RT-PCR. Should you arrange a Christmas table or another type of event and need testing, NordiDx can contribute to a successful gathering.

We are able to perform "mass testing" with up to 188 tests simultaneously per hour. With the ongoing outbreak of the highly contagious Omikron variant, there are constantly new guidelines from NIPH. Many have planned events ila. December and may have to cancel these.

If the authorities recommend or impose a restriction in connection with. events, NordiDx can contribute to fast and quality testing of participants.

NordicDx has the capacity and can contribute to the implementation of events both locally in Rogaland but can, if desired, mobilize anywhere in the country. Our analysis equipment is semi-mobile and can be set up almost anywhere. We only need a suitable place and access to electricity. We have experienced personnel who carry out sampling and analyzes and have experience from event testing, preferably in PCR testing.

We have delivered well over 30,000 tests ila. 2021. If this is of interest, we can be contacted by email: or telephone 416 00 011