Viking tests at NordicDx

Successful self-test with Viking football club

Viking football club also chooses this time to use NordicDx's COVID 19 RT-PCR self-test in connection with. travel to the United States. Players and managers who participate in the trip took samples themselves at Viking Stadium. After sampling, the samples were delivered to NordicDx.

The samples were analyzed at our laboratory at Ullandhaug a little over an hour after the sampling took place, and the results were registered in the Helsenorge system.


The properties of two of our PCR tests, SAVD + and ICED, enable "self-testing" at a company, sports team or institution, which can quickly contribute to control and a good overview of the infection situation.

Both tests have built-in self-control. In the event of an outbreak of infection, "self-swabbing" is performed locally, and the samples are sent to us. The samples are analyzed at our laboratory, and the result will be available a little over an hour after we have received them. NordicDx will provide the necessary training in advance. NordicDx can offer companies, sports teams and institutions free placement of sampling kits.

Health care and fit-to-fly

All our tests are CE-IVD approved, and NordicDx is approved for testing and reporting in the Helsenorge system (MSIS).

We also issue English fit-to-fly travel certificates for those who may wish to do so.

Halvard Øen Grova, physical trainer and medical leader in Viking;

«Viking football club sees great advantages in that players can perform PCR sampling themselves, have the test analyzed at NordicDx and receive the result within an hour. In this way, we can quickly and safely detect any infection in the squad at an early stage. Because the RT-PCR tests are very sensitive and detect even very small amounts of viruses, we will be able to quickly implement the necessary measures to prevent the spread of infection in the team. "

NordicDx thanks again for the trust and wishes Viking players and managers a good and safe journey.

Here you can see video from the last time we tested Viking: