Do you suspect or have been diagnosed with COVID-19?

Do you suspect or have been diagnosed with COVID-19? Take a PCR test with us for NOK. NOK 650 and get a valid corona certificate from Helsenorge before you set out to travel.

At NordicDx you can take a PCR test for only NOK. NOK 650/test. Your result will be updated at Helsenorge 1-3 hours after the test has been carried out and after 11 days you will have a valid certificate for undergoing corona disease "COVID-19 Recovery" at Helsenorge. The certificate for a positive PCR test will be valid for 180 days. Please note that positive home tests registered on the municipality's website do not provide a valid corona certificate.

Orders are made via our websites or by sending us an email [email protected]

FHI reports increased infection of the population in Norway:

The government announces that the European Parliament and the Council have agreed to extend the rules for using the digital corona certificate in connection with travel in the EU. The duration of the digital corona certificate is extended by one year from 30 June 2022.

Pressemeldingen kan du lese her:

Stavanger municipality's municipal test station will be closed on Wednesday 29 June

We are open every day throughout the summer and have the capacity to analyze 188 tests per hour.