NordicDx is a Norwegian innovative company which supplies biotechnological services across the Nordic region with focus on "one health".


Was established in 2020 in the aftermath of the corona pandemic. NordicDx is a Norwegian innovative company that supplies biotechnology services throughout the Nordics with a focus on "one health"

NordicDx will contribute to society with the development of simplified methods for testing and diagnostics. This will be done by integrating traditional scientific methods and new technology, both self-developed and existing. 

We will develop and deliver complete intuitive methods that can be easily integrated into existing systems in all segments based on "One Health".

Aktuelle nyheter

Her kan du lese spennende saker innenfor forskning og helse.



Forestill dere en verden hvor medisinsk diagnostikk skjer raskt og enkelt, uten begrensninger av tid og sted. Vår løsning hos NordicDx gjør dette...