How to reduce quarantine time

This week, the government has updated quarantine rules in Norway. The infection control councils from FHI on the risk of spreading have made it clear how it can turn out if someone in the household "or others close" as the Government describes it, is infected by the Covid -19 and Omikron variant in particular. Keep reading how to reduce quarantine time.

The infection pressure in the population, together with the challenge the public sector is experiencing due to a lack of test capacity (PCR), means that NordicDX's services are more in demand than ever.

NordicDX's RT-PCR test regime has been approved by both European and Norwegian authorities. We can test and analyze your PCR test ila. 60 minutes. The result is reported in the system which immediately sends an SMS with confirmation of a registered test and a green Korona certificate.

With our RT-PCR test, you can test yourself out of quarantine after only 7 days. With our RT-PCR test, you can also terminate any travel quarantine earlier and avoid unnecessary days in the quarantine pending test response from the government.

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FHI rules as of 15.12.21

Information for you who are a household member or similarly close

  • If you are a household member or similarly close (as a girlfriend or best friend), you are obliged to be quarantined for 10 days. This also applies to children.
  • You should take a self-test, rapid test or PCR test as soon as possible, and PCR test 7 days after contact with the infected person. The quarantine can be terminated by a negative PCR test after 7 days.
  • It can be difficult to keep your distance if you live with one or more people who are infected and who need care. In such cases, the municipality's infection detection team will inform you when you have finished the quarantine.
  • No coercion or medication should be used to perform testing in this context.
  • Children under the age of 16 should not be tested if it is disproportionately demanding to have the child tested.
  • If you get symptoms, stay home and get tested. This applies regardless of vaccination status.
  • If you test positive, you must be in isolation and you must take a confirmatory test at the test station. See To you who must be in isolation
  • Quarantine obligation does not apply to household members and similar relatives such as:
    • Has undergone covid-19 in the last 3 months
    • Has received a refresher dose (booster dose after full vaccination) at least 1 week ago. Household members and similar relatives must test themselves daily with a quick test or every other day with PCR for 7 days after contact to get this exemption from quarantine.