Requirement for a corona passport on Jæren

The municipalities of Nord Jæren, Stavanger, Randaberg, Sola and Sandnes will today discuss the introduction of corona passports.

The mayors Tom Henning Slethei (Sola) Stanley Wirak (Sandnes), Kari Nessa Nordtun (Stavanger) and Jarle Bø (Randaberg) will meet today to discuss the topic of corona passports.

It is not clear what restrictions will be introduced, but that there may be a requirement for a corona passport for, among other things, admission to public events.

There are rising infection curves in the region and it is a fact that vaccinated people can also be carriers of infection.

The Korona passport is issued to the individual by and can be downloaded in Helsenorge's app.

Corona certificate shows if you have been vaccinated, if you are immune after having Covid-19 or if you have a negative coronal test. If you need a coronal test with PCR or antigen, we do this quickly and efficiently. You can book an appointment here.