iaX eXpress

The world's first universal solution for machine reading of rapid diagnostic tests, and the only globally approved medical device for class 1 in vitro diagnostics for decentralized diagnostics.

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On-the-go doagnostics

TSA-certified, waterproof and shock-resistant On-the-Go diagnostics. Test and receive data anywhere in real time

Stretch scanner

The stretch scanner is designed to accurately scan test labels, profiles, and synchronize with the patient's ID

ID card reader

This card reader connects each patient to their test, ensuring that only the patient receives the result

Label printer

The label printer is designed to print a unique test label indicating the specific profile of the test

Timer board

This electronic timing board is designed to track the development time of multiple tests simultaneously. Reduce human errors, track up to 10 tests per drawer, and optimize workflow


The battery is designed to power iaX for up to 12 hours. Model IP100 99 watt-hour lithium-ion battery.