SAVD + an important innovation

NordicDx introduces Geneme's SAVD + RT-PCR new multigen COVID-19 test to the Scandinavian market. This test is a further development of SAVD, which meets all WHO's recommendations for detection in two genes when testing COVID-19. In addition, the human gene is also detected to ensure the quality of the test.

Both the SAVD + and ICED tests have an "automatic" self-check that verifies that sufficient material has been taken in the sample. This is an additional hedge to reduce the possibility of "false negative" results. The test reveals whether the sampling has been done well enough. If there is not enough material in the sample for verification, you will receive an "unapproved" answer to the sample, and you must take a new sample. It is known that the amount of virus varies during the course of the disease, and the chance of losing a positive sample or getting a false negative is greatly reduced by using these tests.

Since SAVD + RT-PCR has automatic checking of material quantity during sampling, this can be suitable for home testing. This is something we are taking a closer look at and plan to introduce to the market on 22 January.

NordicDx has recently invested in a pipetting robot that will further accelerate the process from sampling to completed analysis, this robot will also reduce human errors, among other things. the risk of incorrect pipetting. In our laboratory in Ullandhaug, Stavanger, we will be able to perform up to 200 tests per hour.

Please contact us for more information if required. We have soon delivered 40,000 SAVD tests to major players in the industry who use these in their infection control. In addition to our own test station at Ipark in Stavanger, we deliver complete test kits with all the necessary reagents and equipment to carry out tests and also contribute with the training of test personnel.

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SAVD + Facts

  • Three gen. detection - two genes of SARS-CoV-2 and human gene as an internal control
  • No RNA purification or sample preparation is required
  • Sensitivity 98 %
  • Specificity 100 %
  • Recognition limit 20 copies per ml
  • Fast RT-PCR test (results within 30 minutes)
  • Direct test (no RNA isolation step required)
  • Target sequence - ORF1ab, N genes (WHO recommendation)
  • Internal control - RNase P gene (WHO recommendation)
  • Lyophilized reagents in 8-well strips
  • VTM (Viral Transport Medium) included
  • Sample collection kit, pipettes and pipette tips included
  • Based on GeneMe's patented enzymes
  • CE IVD registered product (EU regulation)